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Legal notes

The following words that appear in the Épargne Placements Québec website and in these legal notes have the following definitions:

“Encryption”: mechanism by which information transmitted over the Internet between an electronic medium and a computer system, such as that of Épargne Placements Québec, is coded so as to be unintelligible to third parties during transmission.

Épargne Placements Québec”: Épargne Placements Québec as the administrative unit of the ministère des Finances du Québec through which the Minister of Finance administers, issues and sells Québec savings products or, depending on the context, the official mark ÉpargnePlacements Québec tm, the Minister of Finance of Québec, or the Québec government.

“Financial Administration Act”: the Financial Administration Act as reproduced in chapter A‑6.001 of the Compilation of Québec Laws and Regulations.

“Internet”: global computer network consisting of a set of national, regional and private networks, which are linked by the TCP/IP protocol.

“IREC Indice Québec IQ‑30TM” or “Indice Québec 30”: stock market index of the Institut de recherche en économie contemporaine (IREC), calculated, updated and published by the Centre d’analyse et de suivi de l’Indice Québec (CASIQ). This index seeks to measure the stock market performance of 30 companies whose head offices are located in Québec that are listed on a North American stock exchange.

“Laws and regulations”: the laws and regulations applicable in Québec and the official texts of these laws and regulations as published in the Gazette officielle du Québec and the Canada Gazette.

“Ministerial order”: a decision by the Minister of Finance made under section 71 of the Financial Administration Act in respect of a borrowing plan established pursuant to section 70 of that Act or the Regulation respecting savings products.

“Personal information”: any personnal information as defined in the Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information (CQLR, chapter A-2.1).

“Participant”: a person residing in Québec, a legal person (company, condominium syndicate, etc.), an estate, a foundation or a trust that has enrolled in the book-based system of Épargne Placements Québec in accordance with the Regulation respecting savings products;

“Regulation respecting savings products”: the regulations passed under the section 73 of the Financial Administration and authorized by order‑in‑council 1129‑2008 of December 10, 2008, as amended.

“Savings products”: Québec savings products issued and sold by the Minister of Finance of Québec, under the name and at the address of Épargne Placements Québec, under a borrowing plan authorized by order‑in‑council 1279‑96 of October 9, 1996, as amended.

“Site”, “This Site”, “Website” and “Épargne Placements Québec website”: the Épargne Placements Québec website accessible through WWW (World Wide Web) servers on the Internet.

“Transaction”, “Deal”: any operation allowed and stipulated in section III of the Regulation respecting savings products such as making changes to the account holder’s file, or making a purchase, sale or transfer of ownership of a security affecting the account holder’s securities portfolio.

“User”: a person, whether an account holder or not, who uses the Épargne Placements Québec website.


In accordance with the Regulation respecting savings products adopted under the Financial Administration Act, the Minister of Finance, on behalf of the Québec government, administers a book‑based system to manage, issue and sell savings products.

To do so, the Minister of Finance uses the official mark Épargne Placements Québec tm whose name and logo are the exclusive property of the Québec government.

Similarly, the mark Securi+ tm is an official mark of a savings product and is the exclusive property of the Québec government.


The content of the pages of this website is provided for information purposes and to enable a user to consult his investment portfolio or deal with Épargne Placements Québec.

The content of this site may not be interpreted as an offer to contract or a promise of sale by Épargne Placements Québec within the meaning of the Québec Civil Code.

In all cases, the sale of savings products and, incidentally, the content of this site, are subject to the applicable laws and regulations, including in particular the Financial Administration Act and the Regulation respecting savings products adopted under such act.

In the event of a disparity or contradiction between the content of this site and the laws and regulations, the latter take precedence.

Épargne Placements Québec also reserves the right to change, without notice, the content of this site or to cancel any transaction that does not comply with the laws and regulations.


The data and information shown on this site are believed by Épargne Placements Québec to be accurate, complete and up‑to‑date at the time of posting.

However, in the case of contradiction between the amounts, rates and other conditions, terms and features shown on this site regarding a savings product and those of a ministerial order of the Minister of Finance or an order‑in‑council of the Québec government adopted regarding such savings product, the text of such ministerial order or order‑in‑council takes precedence.

Moreover, the official text of a statute, regulation or order-in-council published in the Gazette officielle du Québec as well as the text of a ministerial order signed by the Minister of Finance take precedence over the text of these documents reproduced on this site.


The information shown on this website does not constitute specific advice, either in the legal, accounting, financial or tax fields, and may not be interpreted as such.


Some information shown on this site, in particular concerning the comparison of rates between financial institutions, may have been gathered and produced by third parties.

Épargne Placements Québec assumes no liability as to the accuracy of such information.


All personal information provided by the user of this site is confidential and is subject to and protected by the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information (CQLR, chapter A‑2.1).

Épargne Placements Québec has taken every measure at the technical level, including the use of the latest encryption techniques, to make the use of this site as secure as possible and ensure the confidentiality of information supplied by the user.


Unlike the information sent through the Épargne Placements Québec website, messages forwarded to Épargne Placements Québec by electronic mail are not covered by protection mechanisms such as encryption of transmissions.

Accordingly, Épargne Placements Québec assumes no liability for any damage, direct or indirect, that a user who requests information of any kind whatsoever may suffer if he requests that such information be sent to him by Épargne Placements Québec by E‑mail.


In any event, Épargne Placements Québec may in no case be held liable for damages, whether direct, indirect, accessory or consequential, including but not restricted to loss of income, profit or expected economic benefits arising or resulting from the use of this website, of the information shown on this site, of any error, omission or inaccuracy of such information, or from problems that may arise in the transmission of date over the Internet, regardless of the type of liability that may be incurred, whether of a contractual, civil, criminal or other nature.

Furthermore, Épargne Placements Québec may not be held liable for damages, costs or expenses arising from a delay, action or problem caused by a third party, including notably but not limited to, a business operating in the field of information systems or telecommunications, a server offering services over the Internet or a financial institution.

Lastly, Épargne Placements Québec may not be held liable towards a user for any defect, non‑availability or breakdown of a computer system, payment service or other related apparatus or equipment, operated by Épargne Placements Québec or by any other person, nor for any delay in processing by them, for any reason whatsoever.


The information contained in this site is the property of the Québec government which also owns the intellectual property rights thereto. In the absence of notice to the contrary, the government’s rights apply to all documents, data, compilations and other work distributed therein. The official government marks are also protected.

Any person may, without authorization or charge, provided the source is mentioned, reproduce on any medium or download the documents, data, compilations and other work on this site, other than for commercial purposes. In such case, anyone contemplating or wishing, for commercial purposes, to reproduce, store, download, translate or present in public texts, sounds or images or transmit by telecommunication any document, data, or other content of this site, must obtain prior authorization in writing from the Québec government by contacting Épargne Placements Québec.

When using the content of this site, the name of the beneficiary must not be removed, nor must the content be changed either by addition, removal or otherwise, without infringing on legal rights.