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Retirement savings calculator

To run your simulation, simply follow the instructions to obtain the amount of savings you need when you retire, the future value of your existing retirement savings, and the amount of the contributions you must make.

Number of years to retirement
Enter the number of years before you retire.
Current annual income
Enter your current annual income.
Expected percentage of annual income at retirement
Enter the percentage of annual income you want when you retire.
Number of years to receive retirement income
Enter the number of years you wish to receive your retirement income.
Frequency of retirement income
Enter the desired frequency of your retirement income.
Existing RRSP savings
Enter the amount of your existing retirement savings.
Other annual income expected at retirement
Enter the total amount of your other retirement income.
Expected annual interest rate
Entrer le taux d'intérêt annuel espéré.
Expected inflation rate
Enter the rate of inflation you anticipate.
Frequency of contributions
Choose the frequency at which you will make contributions.
Click on the "Result" button.


Here is the result of your simulation :

Total required savings at retirement: {{calcul.er | money}}
Future value of existing retirement savings: {{calcul.vf | money}}
Amount to save from now to retirement: {{calcul.me | money}}
Amount of periodic contributions: {{calcul.co | money}} per {{ periode }}