Épargne Placements Québec

Planning your succession

Are you concerned about the financial securtiy of your heirs? Do you want to plan how your savings and retirement products with Épargne Placements Québec will be divided?

If you want to designate an heir for one of your Québec savings and retirement products, you can do so in your testamentary dispositions.

What happens to your investments

At the death of a holder of Québec savings products, all his or her products become redeemable regardless of their maturity date.

In addition, at Épargne Placements Québec, all or part of your investments can be transferred to your heirs at the same conditons at which they were originally issued to you. This benefit applies regardless of the type of account in wich your products are held.

Liquidator of a succession

If you have been appointed liquidator of the succession of a holder of Québec savings products, we invite you to contact one of our investment officers who will provide you with the information necessary for the liquidation of the Québec savings products.

To proceed with the settlement of the succession, the original or a certified copy1 of the following documents is required.

  • A letter of instruction signed by the liquidator or liquidators, containing the following information:
    • mailing address and telephone number;
    • date of birth of the liquidator or liquidators;
    • instructions concerning the settlement of the succession.
  • Proof of death, i.e., a copy of the act of death, or the attestation of death or certificate of death, issued by the Directeur de l’état civil, or the attestation of death from the funeral home.
  • The will or, in the absence of a will, the marriage contract containing a testamentary provision or the declaration of heredity (notarized declaration or letter containing an affidavit).
  • The will search certificates from the Chambre des notaires and the Barreau du Québec.

Depending on the transaction that must be carried out to liquidate the succession, you will have to complete various forms. Our investment officers will provide you with the ones required in your situation.

For more informations on the measures to be taken in preparation for death and the various items to take into account following a death, we invite you to consult the brochure What do you do in the Event of Death published by Services Québec. This brochure can be found online here

  1. A certified true copy is a copy of the original document showing the seal of the competent authority (lawyer, notary or financial institution), the date of the copy and the signature of the person who made the copy. EPQ is also authorized to produce certified copies of the original documents received.