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The efficient way to manage your cash!

With Flexi‑Plus Savings, you have access to your funds any time, for an unexpected expense or to take advantage of market opportunities:

  • Interest rate varies with market conditions.
  • Interest calculated on the daily closing balance and compounded monthly.
  • Your capital is guaranteed without limit by the Québec government.
  • Eligible for the following accounts: Investment Savings, TFSA, RRSP, RRIF, LIRA and LIF.

More details

When offered: Continuously.
Type of interest: Compound.
Payment of interest: Monthly capitalization (on the 15th of the month). Accrued interest calculated daily on the day’s balance.
Interest rate: Variable interest rate depending on market conditions, regardless of the amounts accumulated.
Purchase amount: Minimum purchase of $10.
Limit on amount held: Maximum amount held of $1 000 000 for general or limited partnerships and private right or public right legal persons acting on their own behalf, except in the case of a transfer resulting from a succession.
Authorized purchasers: Persons or groups of persons or of properties, domiciled in Québec and subject to the rules of Québec law (individuals, partnerships or limited partnerships, legal persons, successions of persons, foundations and personal or public trusts).
Redemption: Total or partial, any time the account holder wants: minimum amount of $10 or balance of the product. A holdback may apply to new amounts received, that is, within 3 business days for any amount of less than $100 and 10 business days for any amount equal to or greater than $100
Eligible accounts: Investment Savings Account, tax‑free savings account (TFSA), registered retirement savings plan (RRSP), registered retirement income fund (RRIF), locked‑in retirement account (LIRA) and life income fund (LIF).
Assignment and transfer: May be assigned and transferred to an authorized purchaser prior to maturity if the bonds are held in an Investment Savings Account (minimum amount of $100).May be neither assigned nor transferred where the bonds are held in a Québec retirement savings plan or fund, other than in the cases stipulated in the legislation.
Hypothec: Allowed in favour of financial institutions if the bonds are held in an Investment Savings Account (minimum amount of $1 000).

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