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Monthly budget calculator

To run your simulation, simply enter the appropriate amounts in each field to obtain the amount you can allocate to your monthly savings.

Monthly income

Monthly fixed expenses

Monthly variable expenses

Source : Finances personnelles - Guide 2001, Collection Protégez-vous, published by Éditions Protégez-vous. www.protegez‑vous.ca


Here is the amount available for monthly saving :

Total income {{sommeRevenus | money}}
Total fixed expenses {{sommeDF | money}}
Total variable expenses {{sommeDV | money}}
Monthly surplus / deficit {{surplus | money}}
Amount available for saving {{consacrer | money}}
% Section description
Housing {{pctlogement | number}} Rent / mortgage, electricity / heating,
cable / specialty channels,telephone /
Internet,taxes (municipal, school, etc.),
house maintenance / miscellaneous, home
Living expenses {{ pctsubs | number }} Groceries, convenience store, meals at
school / work,clothing purchase / care,
health / beauty, day care, child expenses.
Transportation {{ pcttransport | number }} Car insurance / registration / driver's
license, car loan, car gasoline /
maintenance, transportation public transit /
Leisure {{ pctloisir | number }} Restaurant / delivery,tobacco / alcohol,
newspapers / magazines / books / music,
leisure / sports / courses,pocket money /
Debts {{pctdette | number}} Credit card balances,line of credit
balance, other debts.
Other expenses {{ pctautre | number }} Life / disability insurance, bank charges,
other fixed expenses, pet, gifts /
donations, other expenses.
Savings {{pctepargne | number}} Regular and registered savings.