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Periodic Savings

Saving has never been easier!

Periodic withdrawals allow you to put money aside without thinking about it! You save at your own pace for your projects, no matter how much you put in!

There are two types of withdrawals available to you:

  • pre-authorized bank withdrawals;
  • payroll deductions if you are an employee of the Québec public or parapublic sector.

The amounts will be invested in Flexi-Plus Savings, a product that can be redeemed at any time and for which the advantageous interest rate varies according to market conditions.

Periodic savings, which is eligible for Investment Savings, TFSA and RRSP accounts, includes the following features:

  • Pre-authorized bank withdrawals (minimum of $10) at the frequency of your choice (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) or according to your pay frequency.
  • You can change the amount and frequency at any time .
  • Continuous withdrawals until terminated by the participant.
  • No management or administration fees.

To create a new periodic withdrawal or to make a change to an existing withdrawal, go to the Periodic Savings section of the Operations menu in Online Transactions.

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