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When you buy Québec Stock Index Bonds, your capital is fully guaranteed and you participate in the stock market performance of 30 large Québec‑based companies.

  • Non‑guaranteed return based on the IREC Indice Québec IQ-30TM*.
  • Choose between 5‑year and 10‑year terms (maximum return of 60% for the 5‑year term; no upper limit on return for the 10‑year term).
  • Redeemable at maturity.
  • Minimum purchase of $100.

*To see the return on the Indice Québec 30, visit www.iq30‑iq150.org/. The list of the thirty companies in the index is available at http://www.iq30-iq150.org/ponderations/ponderation_iq30.html

Matured issues

Current issues

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General characteristics of Stock Index Bonds

When offered: Four sale periods during the year
Issue date: Quarterly (March, June, September, December)
Term: Five and ten years
Limit on yield at maturity: Determined for each issue
Purchase amount: Any amount greater than or equal to $100
Processing of the amount invested: The initial purchase amount plus a bonus, where applicable, is invested in a Temporary Investment until the issue date of the Québec Stock Index Bonds. The Temporary Investment bears interest at the rate (without bonus) of one-year Québec Fixed-rate Bonds in effect on the date of receipt of the funds, until the date of issue of the Québec Stock Index Bonds. The interest thus accrued is added to the initial purchase amount to acquire Québec Stock Index Bonds on the date of issue and constitutes the invested capital at issue.
Limit on amount held: Maximum amount held of $1 000 000 for general or limited partnerships and private right or public right legal persons acting on their own behalf, except in the case of a transfer resulting from a succession.
Yield at maturity: Not guaranteed, equal to the IREC Indice Québec IQ‑30™ calculated according to the following formula:

Yield at maturity = [(V2 – V1) / V1] where:

Opening value of the index (V1) = the average of the closing values of the IREC Indice Québec IQ‑30™

Closing value of the index (V2) = the average of the closing values of the IREC Indice Québec IQ‑30™

The total amount of interest payable at maturity is calculated by applying the yield rate obtained by the above formula to the capital invested at maturity, or to the remaining portion of the invested capital, as the case may be.

The Stock Index Bond is not a direct investment in the constituent securities of the IREC Indice Québec IQ‑30™. Accordingly, the yield to maturity is determined excluding the dividends paid on such securities.

See the characteristics of current issues for the dates of the opening and closing readings of the issue currently on sale.

Authorized purchasers: Persons or groups of persons or of properties, domiciled in Québec and subject to the rules of Québec law (individuals, partnerships or limited partnerships, legal persons, successions of persons, foundations and personal or public trusts).
Risk factors: If the change in the IREC Indice Québec IQ‑30™, calculated on the basis of the readings indicated above, is negative over a period of five or 10 years, the rate of return is zero. In this case, no interest is payable at maturity but the capital, including the bonus if any, is repaid in full. Consequently, the purchaser of the bonds incurs no risk of loss of capital.The bonds are neither assignable nor transferable, and there is no secondary market for them.
Eligible accounts: Investment Savings Account, tax‑free savings account (TFSA), registered retirement savings plan (RRSP), registered retirement income fund (RRIF), locked‑in retirement account (LIRA) and life income fund (LIF).Can also be entered in the account of a trustee or of an agent of a trustee for the benefit of a participant in a self‑directed plan or fund.
Redemption: At maturity only
Assignment and transfer between participants: Not allowed, apart from the cases stipulated in the legislation.
Hypothec: Allowed in favour of financial institutions if the bonds are held in an Investment Savings Account or a tax‑free savings account (TFSA) (minimum amount of $1 000).
Treatment at maturity: In the absence of instructions from the client, the capital and interest (including any bonus) are automatically reinvested in Flexi‑Plus Savings units.

Characteristics of the {{produits[5].Data[0].Emission | monthyear}} issue

When offered: {{produits[5].Data[0].DateDebutVente | datestr}} to {{produits[5].Data[0].DateFinVente | datestr}}
Issue date: {{produits[5].Data[0].Emission | datestr}}
Term: Five and ten years
Limit on yield at maturity: 60% for the 5‑year term
No limit for the 10‑year term
Dates of opening readings: Opening value of the index (V1) = the average of the closing values of the IREC Indice Québec IQ‑30MC on:

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  • {{produits[5].Data[0].DateLectureDepart2 | datestr}}
  • {{produits[5].Data[0].DateLectureDepart3 | datestr}}
Dates of closing readings: Closing value of the index (V2) = the average of the closing values of the IREC Indice Québec IQ‑30MC on:

Five‑year term

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  • {{produits[5].Data[0].DateLectureFermeture2 | datestr}}
  • {{produits[5].Data[0].DateLectureFermeture3 | datestr}}
  • {{produits[5].Data[0].DateLectureFermeture4 | datestr}}


Ten‑year term

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  • {{produits[5].Data[1].DateLectureFermeture2 | datestr}}
  • {{produits[5].Data[1].DateLectureFermeture3 | datestr}}
  • {{produits[5].Data[1].DateLectureFermeture4 | datestr}}